About Us

About Us

Teknic Euchner is a joint venture between Euchner Germany and Teknic India. Euchner was founded in 1940 and Teknic in 1970.

Euchner has been a pioneer in the field of multiple position switches. As early as 1952, the world's first multiple limit switch was produced by Euchner.

Teknic was started in 1970 and has pioneered development of high quality electromechanical products ever since 1980. The joint venture Teknic Euchner was approved by the government of India in 1989. The joint venture was established in Bangalore, with technology transfer from Euchner Germany.

Our Vision

"To become a market leader in India, and to make a significant impact in the international market, in all our chosen lines of business especially in Electrical and Electrical Control Products, through continuously creating products to fulfill the market requirements, and to outperform our competitors all the time."

Our Mission
  • To be an organization in which every member is driven by a commitment to achieve Customer Delight through continuous improvement in our processes, products and services.
  • To be an organization with tremendous internal strengths of Employee Satisfaction,Productivity and Profitability.
  • To be an organization that provides to the market products of high quality at fair prices.
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